“Perfection is impossible”
I always thought this was true
But this was way before
I’d set my wandering eyes on you

And from that moment
I promised to love you
With every piece of me

Never once did it occur to me
That you would be the one to leave


When I lost you

You were not beautiful
Or charming
Or anything in between
You took every pretty piece of me
Until everything became ugly to me
I won’t pretend you were perfect
You always had one too many, every time
The crazy sex or silly fights
Something always kept us up at night
You were violent for the most part
And so wrong for me
You took every good memory
And twisted them till I couldn’t breathe
Or sleep at night,
because I’d hear the song
That we’d always dance to
Whenever it came on
And even then I knew you loved
All the things I let you put me through

But I loved you
And maybe, in a way, I still do

When I lost you,
I lost a piece of myself, too


My mattress has seen more mistakes
Than I’d be sober enough to remember
Another woman’s neck
With your name whispered against it
Frozen fingertips
Won’t make me feel as numb as this
Maybe if I drink enough
You won’t be here when I wake up

My skin has had no more
kisses, than it’s had bruises
And sometimes I just forget how much it hurts
To lose the answers and all the false illusions
You’ve kept with you
Through all the passing seasons

I’d forgotten I’d ever had these strings
Because of love, happiness
And all those other pointless things


Yesterday I was a shipwreck,
Today I smoke too many cigarettes
And I can promise you
I’ll try not to feel a thing

Yesterday you were a mountain
And I was too afraid of heights
But my fear of falling
Won’t bother me as much tonight


You said we were all made of glass
And that our lives run far too thin
I didn’t believe you until
I had pieces of you under my skin
Now I have scars over my fingers
And glass still in my heart
You were the most beautiful lie
I’d ever believed
And I still don’t know why you fell apart

I don’t know why I told you
I was good at letting go,
Because all I do is watch dead flowers
And hope that something new might grow