Yesterday I was a shipwreck,
Today I smoke too many cigarettes
And I can promise you
I’ll try not to feel a thing

Yesterday you were a mountain
And I was too afraid of heights
But my fear of falling
Won’t bother me as much tonight


3 thoughts on “Shipwreck

  1. I really like this, holds impact, something I struggle to feel I’ve achieved under 16+ lines. Nicely done.

    Can I ask, the lack of fear to which you refer, “won’t bother me as much tonight”.. Does this mean you’re feeling able to climb the heights, or that you’ve resided upon the notion to not climb at all?

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    1. Feeling as if I’m able to climb the heights. I still fear them, but for tonight, at least its not as overbearing.
      Thank you for the comment, I love hearing what others think!


      1. Well, keep in mind the heights before you are nothing you can’t handle, otherwise why would you be at the foot of this peak.

        Good luck with your ascent, I look forward to reading more of your words.

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