You may think I’ve crossed the line
But the sad truth is
I’ve lost my mind

What am I really?
A whisper in your ear
Brittle bones and a bitter tongue
There’s not much left to lose here

But what am I really?
A thorn in your side
An anchor on the shore
Keeping you safe from the tide

But who am I now?
A soul with no bones
Falling apart in your hands
But I guess you didn’t know

But what will I be?
A saviour for your mind
Or your body?
My fingerprints will not cover you until you let me

And what was I then?
A lie, or your lover
You don’t want me
Your mind strays to another 

What did I want?
When I grew up, I had plans
I wanted to be better, and hold the whole world in my hands

But what am I really?
After this whole pointless thing,
I’m not a poet
Or a writer, or even your missing piece
I just talk, until there can be nothing left to say
But if I’m lying
It’s not so far from what I meant
I’m lonely, but never really alone

Maybe I’m already all I can be, after all.



I’ve finished too many whiskey bottles
Hoping I’d find you at the bottom
I left you bound and buried
But never quite forgotten

You’ve been on my mind again
I guess some things never change
I’ve woken every day since then
With nothing on my lips but your name

I wonder why only whispers come out
Around you, whenever I open my mouth
Maybe I’m still afraid
Of what truths I might let out

Whiskey Kisses

She said the more buttons I undo
That faster she becomes undone
With my back against the wall
And her mouth around my tongue

She takes me in small doses
But I take her all at once
She tastes like nicotine
And fuck, I love the rush

Be gentle now
It’s not the time
Be patient now and wait

Look me in the eye
And tell me how
I’m everything you hate

She said the slower that I go
The faster her patience drains away
With my hands around her throat
And her legs around my waist

She’s my favourite addiction
I’m in too deep

how can she be so twisted

but taste so fucking sweet

No time to be gentle now
It’s not the place
To be patient now and wait

Look me in the eye
I’ll tell you how
I’ll make both your legs shake

She said the more marks around her neck
The faster she becomes a wreck
With my hands under her skirt
And my fingers dripping wet

It’s time
To let go
Show me how you lose control

I’ll let you finish
Take a minute
Fuck, I’m not letting this one go

2.30 am

It’s 2.30 am and we’re fighting again
Now missing you, not kissing you
Is the thing that I do best
I won’t sleep much tonight
I’ll say I’m sorry and that you’re right
We both know I don’t mean those last two words
But it makes things alright

Because I hate who I am
When I’m not around you
I’m as paranoid as ever
But I’m sure you are too
We’re just human
And these things tend to happen

I’m still waiting to tell you
The things I haven’t said yet
And I’m thinking each word I’ll say
Out in my head
So it’s perfect..
But I’ll stumble and stutter my way through it

I apologise too often
But I barely forgive
I just try to forget
How you’re always under my skin

This won’t be the last time
I hate you for nothing at all
It’s just never the right time to call you
And tell you I miss you
Because no time is a good time
Without you