You may think I’ve crossed the line
But the sad truth is
I’ve lost my mind

What am I really?
A whisper in your ear
Brittle bones and a bitter tongue
There’s not much left to lose here

But what am I really?
A thorn in your side
An anchor on the shore
Keeping you safe from the tide

But who am I now?
A soul with no bones
Falling apart in your hands
But I guess you didn’t know

But what will I be?
A saviour for your mind
Or your body?
My fingerprints will not cover you until you let me

And what was I then?
A lie, or your lover
You don’t want me
Your mind strays to another 

What did I want?
When I grew up, I had plans
I wanted to be better, and hold the whole world in my hands

But what am I really?
After this whole pointless thing,
I’m not a poet
Or a writer, or even your missing piece
I just talk, until there can be nothing left to say
But if I’m lying
It’s not so far from what I meant
I’m lonely, but never really alone

Maybe I’m already all I can be, after all.


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