As I Recall

As I recall, your eyes were a pretty shade of blue,

Not as deep as the ocean, but deeper than you

As I recall, your voice was like my favourite song,

Not a melody to most, but a treasure to all

As I recall, your hands shook when we kissed

Not out of fear, or of nerve, but out of pure, untamed bliss

As I recall, you loved me, and I loved you too

But I recall no happy memories of my time with you. 


4 thoughts on “As I Recall

  1. It such a strange concept to look back on someone you recall having so many positive attributes with, but realizing that they just aren’t worth it anymore. Having someone change so drastically is never easy, and its hard when we move on from love. Great poem, keep writing!

    I run a blog on mental illness called “Dear Hope”, join the community here:

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