Your song, after all

‚ÄčIt’s around this time

You realise
You’re not really okay

And nightmares that shake you
Are having their way

Everyone around you is safe in their dreams
But you’re kept up by demons that won’t let you sleep

Your thoughts are in tangles
Your mind is a mess
You find yourself scattered
All over the place

Now you lie awake
Wishing you spent the night counting stars
Instead of counting all of the problems
You’ve encountered so far

But somewhere in the darkness
You have to find light
Something at all
Just to fill in the blanks

Your thoughts are in tangles
Your mind is a mess
And you can’t see through
The bitterness, that is left

Outdated and outgrown,
You can’t help yourself
From feeling the whole world
Weighing down on your chest

And it may not be easy,
 you may not have much
The only thing left
Is old friends and mistrust

But somebody will guide you,
Somebody will see
All the light left inside you,
I just hope that it’s me.


Silent Nights

The more you know, the less you learn
What goes unsaid, doesn’t go unheard
I’ll tell this story all my life
Of the one that just didn’t work out right

And it’s a shame, you know that too
But darlin, there’s just no helping you
I’ll tell this story for the rest of time
Of all the time I wasted, thinking we’d be fine

We’d always talk of moving away
And finding our own happy little place
Somewhere away from all the lights
Somewhere we could soak in all the silent nights

But maybe you’re just too close to me
It’s becoming harder to even breathe
You’re bad for my head and heart
And they both tell me that it’s time we fell apart

I used to love your dreamy eyes
But now I can’t even draw them right
I keep mixing all the colours wrong,
The more I love, the more I’m losing touch