Almost Blue

Almost doing things we used to do

There’s a girl here, and she’s almost you
All the things your eyes promised
I almost see them in hers too

Too self absorbed,
And almost blue
so very drunk,
too tired to move

Too bored of you
And over used
We’re almost there,
we never moved

We’re dancing underneath the moon
An almost-perfect way to move
She’s quick on her feet,
She’s fast to prove
That she is more than ‘almost you’

Too low too jump for higher things
I’m almost done with this, I think
You almost call, I almost speak
We almost always come to this.

A new girl now
It’s almost bliss
An almost love, a kind of thing
I’m not too sure, I know I miss
Her when she’s gone,
She always is

Too blind to see what’s always there
She almost travelled here, i swear
With all her dreams, and almost-stare
I could fall for her,
I’m almost there


Poetry for fun

Does my poetry excite you

Do my words hang from your lips
Should I find another past time,

One that doesn’t make you sick
At times, I know I have a way with words

I get that all the time
I know it’s simple but it’s working

Just four more verses left to find
I’ll write a poem to remind you

Of the way we fell in love
I’ll write a poem just to tell you

How you sparkle in the sun
I’ll write another verse to keep you with me

The next time I fuck up
And you should know that I don’t love you

I just write poetry for fun