A Universe Inside

She knows how much I love the stars

But not how they make my problems feel so far
Away, today she’s like a work art
A supernova burning up in space
Could she be the spark

To ignite the universe I see inside
A crashing, burning wave of light
An entire galaxy inside
Those eyes, where have I seen them before?
I used to dream in technicolour,
But my dreams are getting more like
The things I see on my computer screen
It’ll be a fucking shame
If it wasn’t meant for me

Let me take a walk inside your shoes
Let me take you dancing on the dark side of the moon
Let me show you everything I know
And you can sit with me when you have
Nowhere else to go

Stars that burn as bright as you
Are the ones that burn the fastest, too
There’s a universe inside of you,
I wonder if there’s room inside for two.


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