I often think about you
And I think of where you’ve been
All the happy little places,
Happy faces that you’ve seen

I always hoped you’d find it
Your own pretty song to sing
I find it quite a shame,
That verse should have been for me

But enough with what my mind does,
Enough with my own dreams
I find them all too crowded,
But there is nowhere else to sleep

At last, here comes the reason
I have stayed sane this whole time,
And at last, here comes my reason,
Its been missing this whole time.



I love you in a language
Neither of us really understand
I’m still wasting my time trying to find
your fingerprints in someone else’s hands

I have lost control over everything
Even the voices in my head
That are telling me to love you
When I should be leaving you instead

I don’t know what I’m more scared of
But neither sits right in my head.
I don’t know if I’m more afraid of seeing you,
Or never seeing you again